viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

The beginning of our mission

Amina Saurio confronted the bead soldiers and their powerful army of colours. Despite playing her magical double-bass strings to make them speak the truth, they provided no information of use about Gadoman.

Txulas spoke with the wind and the icy waters of Greenland. They almost froze his heart when wishing him luck on his mission to find our friend.

The Marqués de Padilla, prepared a potion with the twigs, bushes and moss of Veliko Turnovo Land to release any trace of Gadoman from the surroundings of the town.

A butterfly at rest on a windowsill in Sweden thought to have seen Gadoman further North, but was unable to accompany Homero in his journey. The area is full of the butterfly´s natural enemies.

Matilde Colinas decided to go where she felt the cliffs of her visions were located: the North of Scotland. Again and again, she believed to see him fly over her head from rock to rock...from cliff to cliff...But he was nowhere to be seen...

Cirilo Montesinos ended up asking the birds in Mongolia where Gadoman could be...No clear answers were given, only a warm feeling in his chest...

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  1. Wonderful how you travel all over the world in search of Gadoman.Sorry to know that you haven´t found him yet. I can hardly wait for more information...Gadomannnnnnn, where are you???????